A passionate path

This project aims to offer players fond of studying and performing the Classical Mandolin's repertoire the opportunity to attend a program of video lessons, which can be followed remotely at one’s own pace, enjoying the beauty of music composed for this instrument and the mastery of its interpretation.

A quick overview

An exciting journey

E-learning Italian Mandolin is an online course aimed to teach how to play the classical repertoire for this instrument through a deep and involving personal experience.


The result is not simply a course, but an exciting journey guided by the undisputed Masters creators of centuries of mandolin passion. 

This first part concentrates on Baroque and Classical Italian Mandolin repertoire.

Two teachers, Carlo Aonzo and Giorgio Fabbri, interact and alternate throughout the whole program, guiding the students in this exciting exploration, to reveal the hidden secrets of the most authentic interpretation of Italian music.

A unique experience

  • The uniqueness of E-learning Italian Mandolin is given by the continuous integration between knowing how to play and understanding what you play.

  • The distinctive feature of the course is the continuous interaction between the two teachers, Carlo Aonzo and Giorgio Fabbri, who are among the best known specialized experts in their fields. 

  • They constantly interact with the aim of giving the tools for a complete musical approach, not only for playing consistently, but also for understanding the peculiar aspects that characterize Italian music.

  • Different alternative technical solutions are often provided  to perform certain passages, alongside with the cultural knowledge needed for the student to obtain a fully aware personal and original interpretative result.

  • The goal is to help you to go beyond the mere technical approach and reach a higher interpretative dimension.


E-learning Italian Mandolin gives you the opportunity to satisfy different needs and obtain concrete results allowing you to make a qualitative leap in your musical skills and artistic personality. You will:

  • expand your own repertoire,

  • increase the interpretative quality of your performances,

  • elevate your curriculum and artistic reputation,

  • distinguish yourself as a specialist in the Italian Mandolin repertoire,

  • obtain authority as a musician,

  • enjoy the most qualified guide on mandolin technique,

  • achieve the ability of playing the Italian mandolin repertoire autonomously,

  • get ready to enroll for most of the mandolin academic conservatory courses worldwide,

  • get the proper hints for a lifestyle as a professional mandolinist.

A thirty-year long reputation

E-learning Italian Mandolin represents the natural outcome of an international teaching experience that Maestro Carlo Aonzo has been carrying out for over 30 years around the world and specifically in the US, thus becoming an undoubted point of reference in this field.

Since 2006 his International Italian Mandolin Accademia camps have successfully welcomed participants from all over the world and of all musical levels, involving them in a highly formative experience of ensemble and orchestra playing, immersed in an engaged, passionate, and amusing environment. 

With this online course the great teaching heritage is now available for you with no time limits, right at your home and just a click away.

Top teachers

CARLO AONZO is a worldwide acclaimed Italian mandolin performer, native of Savona. 

He has won many international prizes and played for several prestigious institutions like the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala in Milan (Italy), the Nashville Chamber Orchestra (USA) and the Philharmonia of San Petersburg (Russia). 

Mandolin Professor at Music Conservatory of Ferrara (Italy), he teaches seminars and workshops worldwide as the annual CAMW in Milwaukee, and he is often invited as musical director and visiting faculty by the most important international mandolin institutions namely CMSA, FAME and EGMA. 

Website: www.carloaonzo.com/biography

GIORGIO FABBRI is Professor of Music Analysis at the Conservatory of Bologna, as well as Professor at the University of Ferrara and Pavia with 40 years of experience in the artistic, didactic and training fields. 

He is organ and harpsichord concertist, composer and orchestra conductor. He has been Director for 15 years of the Gino Neri plectrum orchestra of Ferrara, with which he has recorded several CDs, and with which he has won International Competitions including the First Prize at the G. Rossini City of Pesaro International Competition and the First Prize at the Giacomo Sartori International Competition in Ala di Trento. 

Director for 14 years of two Conservatories of Music, today he is a trainer and coach, in thousands of workshops with more than 50,000 participants, with his own musical format, winner of the Adriano Olivetti Award for excellence in education.

Website: www.giorgiofabbri.net 

Qualified contents

E-learning Italian Mandolin is intended to offer a specific and qualified training on the Italian repertoire for mandolin, from Baroque to Contemporary Era. 

This part focuses deeply on two historical eras: the Baroque Era and the Classical Era, covering them extensively and accurately. 

It represents a preparation and pre-requisite for the next parts, that will approach the Romantic and Contemporary repertoire.

The teaching units deal with the most representative Italian composers of the mandolin repertoire, from Vivaldi to Cecere, from Paganini to Bortolazzi, authors of some of the most remarkable compositions for mandolin. 

Works by Beethoven are also included due to his engagement with the new trendy iconic Italian instrument of the time.

All the compositions analyzed in the video-lectures are carefully revised and transcribed in a modern version, based on original manuscript and published sources. 

The student has free access to those high quality scores and parts and can use them for public musical activity.

You are the protagonist

Mandolin players professionals or amateurs, teachers, ensemble conductors, school directors and everybody interested in creating, improving or launching a musical activity can enjoy and take advantage of this course.

Do it simply for yourself, for your own satisfaction or to play on stage in famous venues all over the world.

E-learning Italian Mandolin is intended for intermediate and advanced students and not for absolute beginners.

Any type of mandolin tuned by fifths (GDAE) can be used.
Minimum requirements are to be able to read music notation and tune your instrument.


“Carlo Aonzo is a wise and gifted teacher whose lifetime love for the mandolin is constantly present. And his endless generosity in sharing his vast knowledge is a special gift to any mandolin player. He constantly strives to enable students to discover their own talent as unique individuals.”

Laura and Tony Norris - Mando For Kids

“Carlo Aonzo is an extraordinary teacher. I am truly honored to be counted among the students of this amazing musician and virtuoso.”

Andrea Nasi

“Learning from Carlo Aonzo really is a great experience. He has a gentle approach and very sharp knowledge on mandolin playing and gives good advice to improve yourself. His great expertise in mandolin teaching makes the lesson memorable and willing to come back!”

Marine Riponi

“Your online teaching classes are so interesting that my 13 year old son is always looking forward to your class. I have noticed a considerable development in his playing style and approach in a short time, because of your systematic mandolin method and dedicated one to one sessions.”

Tapas Roy

“Carlo Aonzo' skills as a teacher rival his mastery as a performer and recording artist. His ability to meet me exactly where I am in my musical journey - by providing useful insights and direction - has helped to lift my playing to an exciting new level.”

Chris Moore

“Carlo’s teaching style, music arrangements & technical exercises are creative, challenging and practical. Highly recommend! ”

Jan M.

“Dear Maestro Fabbri, I greatly appreciate the people who, from the top of their unrivaled competence, dedicate themselves to spread the pleasure of knowledge to everyone.”

Enrico Fazio

“I think it is extremely important to couple a top level technical preparation with the deep study of decision making process and creative and interpretative dynamics, so as to feel ready and stronger for any artistic challenge.”

Andrea Caruso

What you get

13 chapters with 68 video lessonsIn every Unit, Carlo Aonzo and Giorgio Fabbri, as specialized experts in their fields, constantly interact in the aim of giving the tools for a complete musical approach, not only for playing consistently, but also for understanding the real nature of the musical material.

10 custom scores and parts 

The musical material consists of full scores and all single parts that are revised and fingered personally by Carlo Aonzo from original sources. You can use it both for this specific learning purpose and for your musical activity.

Complete play-along for all units

You have access to all play-along recordings subdivided into solo mandolin and accompaniment tracks (with harpsichord) specifically recorded for E-learning Italian Mandolin, with the possibility of choosing the speed that best suits your level and to have accompaniment with or without the metronome click.

Supervision of up to 3 of your video performances

Purchasing the course, you will have the possibility to submit to Carlo Aonzo for his supervision, within one year from purchase, nr. 3 videos regarding your performances of course contents lasting up to 10 minutes each.

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1 - How to hold your mandolin - Right Hand

    2. Lesson 2 - How to hold your mandolin - Left Hand

    3. Lesson 3 - Build your own reference points - IONIAN PATTERN

    4. Lesson 4 - Build your own reference points - DORIAN PATTERN

    5. Lesson 5 - Build your own reference points - PHRYGIAN AND LYDIAN PATTERNS

    6. Lesson 6 - Build your own reference points - PATTERNS in all positions

    7. Lesson 7 - Build your own reference points - Hexatonic/Augmented/Diminished Scales

    8. Aonzo's Scale: Mandolin Play-Along

    9. Mandolin patterns: score

    10. Aonzo's Scale: score

    11. Major and minor scales systems: example scores

    1. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Tutti/1st Solo: THEORY

    2. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Tutti: PRACTICE

    3. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Solo: PRACTICE

    4. Allegro (I Movement) 2nd Tutti/2nd Solo: THEORY

    5. Allegro (I Movement) 2nd Tutti/2nd Solo/3rd Tutti: PRACTICE

    6. Allegro (I Movement) 3rd Solo/Final Tutti: THEORY

    7. Allegro (I Movement) 3rd Solo/Final Tutti: PRACTICE

    8. Allegro (I Movement): Final Map

    9. Antonio Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto in C major RV425: Score and parts

    10. Antonio Vivaldi Mandolin Concerto in C major RV425: Solo Mandolin Part with specific hints

    11. Allegro (I Movement): Mandolin Play-Along

    12. Allegro (I Movement): Harpsichord Play-Along

    1. Largo (II Movement) Lesson 1: THEORY

    2. Largo (II Movement) Lesson 1: PRACTICE

    3. Largo (II Movement) Lesson 2: THEORY

    4. Largo (II Movement) Lesson 2: PRACTICE

    5. Largo (II Movement): Mandolin Play-Along

    6. Largo (II Movement): Harpsichord Play-Along

    7. Robert Donington - The Interpretation of Early Music

    8. Johann Joachim Quantz - On playing the flute

    1. Allegro (III Movement) Lesson 1: THEORY

    2. Allegro (III Movement) Lesson 1: PRACTICE

    3. Allegro (III Movement) Lesson 2: THEORY

    4. Allegro (III Movement) Lesson 2: PRACTICE

    5. Allegro (III Movement) Lesson 3: THEORY

    6. Allegro (III Movement) Lesson 3: PRACTICE

    7. Allegro (III Movement): Mandolin Play-Along

    8. Allegro (III Movement): Harpsichord Play-Along

    1. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Tutti: THEORY

    2. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Tutti: PRACTICE

    3. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Solo: THEORY

    4. Allegro (I Movement) 1st Solo: PRACTICE

    5. Allegro (I Movement) Structural Analysis

    6. Allegro (I Movement) 2nd Tutti/2nd Solo: PRACTICE

    7. Carlo Cecere Mandolin Concerto in A major: Score and parts

    8. Allegro (I Movement): Mandolin Play-Along

    9. Allegro (I Movement): Harpsichord Play-Along

    1. Largo (II Movement) Lesson 1 THEORY

    2. Largo (II Movement) 1st Tutti: PRACTICE

    3. Largo (II Movement) Lesson 2 THEORY

    4. Largo (II Movement) 1st Solo: PRACTICE

    5. Largo (II Movement) 2nd Tutti/2nd Solo: PRACTICE

    6. Carlo Cecere Mandolin Concerto in A major: Score and parts

    7. Largo (II Movement): Mandolin Play-Along

    8. Largo (II Movement): Harpsichord Play-Along

About this course

  • 10 hours of video content
  • 48 Audio Play-Along
  • 10 Scores and Parts
  • 68 Video Lessons

Carlo Cecere (1706-1761)

Concerto in A major for mandolin, strings and continuo

A course based on original manuscripts

A guarantee of quality and accuracy

Ludwig van Beethoven - Adagio for Mandolin

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